Who is Ashley?

The story behind the stylist.

Ashley is a native of Canada and grew up in Montréal. As a bilingual speaker, Ashley takes inspiration from her former city's European influence.
Ashley began her vegan journey in 2014 and never looked back. All of Ashley's fashion choices are always animal friendly while still catering to the needs of her clients.

How I Got Here

Growing up in Montreal, I knew I had a knack for fashion. As a child, my morning ritual involved meticulously selecting an outfit and then kindly apologizing to the articles confined to my closet that day. I felt a real connection with every print, cut, fabric, and accessory.

In my twenties, I departed my hometown to study design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Here, I acquired the right tools to articulate my intuitions. After graduating, I spent some time living in London, Vancouver, and Southern California. As I moved from one city to the next, my personal style shaped and shifted with my surroundings.

Eclectic, adaptable, and now fully matured, my fashion sensibilities attracted friends and family who constantly sought advice for upgraded wardrobes and event styling. What began as a passion quickly evolved into a side hustle. Today, it’s a full-on career. I couldn’t be happier. Presently, I style clients across the globe—you can spot my handiwork in San Diego, Los Angeles, Montreal, Vancouver, Texas, London, and Spain.