Wardrobe Refresh / Closet Organization

The first step towards feeling good about your personal style is a closet that you’re proud of. I’m by your side as we sort through your existing wardrobe, purging any items that don’t feel good and offering advice on replacements, alterations and new combinations with the clothes you still love. 

Once you’re happy with your selection, everything gets reorganized so that you can access all your beautiful pieces and get dressed with pride.

Event Styling

Do you have a big event coming up but no idea what to wear? I will happily put together a look that makes you feel confident as fabulous. Brunch with your boyfriend’s mother? No problem. Important interview? We got this. Wedding? Would be my honour! There is no event too big or small for my styling services.

Guest Speaking

I’ve been a guest speaker on a range of fashion (and other) topics. I’m always happy to engage in thoughtful conversation. Please email for any inquiries.

Virtual Styling

Located outside of Southern California and don’t have the budget for travel? No problem! Today’s technology means that personal shopping, event and wardrobe styling can all be achieved through video chat.

Personal Shopping

Do you get overwhelmed at the thought of going into a store and trying on clothes? As my client, you choose between joining me on a shopping excursion where all the clothes are pre-selected, or being styled in the comfort (and lighting) of your own home.


It’s important to me that everyone feels confident and beautiful, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, size or weight. The fashion industry can be alienating, but if you want to try something new and express yourself through clothes, I’m here to guide you on your journey.

Men’s Styling

Styling services are not just for women, I help men maximize their current wardrobe and fine tune their style with personal shopping sessions.