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Even though I'm based in Southern California, many of my clients are international and I'm happy to work remotely. If you are located in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, we can meet in person to discuss your styling needs. Otherwise, we can set up a call and go from there. 

Wardrobe Refresh

The first step towards feeling good about your personal style is a closet that you’re proud of. I’m by your side as we sort through your closet, purging any items that don’t feel good and offering advice on replacements, alterations and new combinations with the clothes you still love. Once you’re happy with your selection, everything gets organized so you can see all your beautiful pieces and get dressed with pride. 


Personal Shopping

As a client, you can choose between joining me on the shopping excursion with the clothes pre-selected so you save time on browsing, or I can collect everything you need and bring it over, so that you’re styled in the comfort (and lighting) of your own home. 


Men’s Styling

It should go without saying that personal styling services are not just for women. Whether you're 5"4 and work on the road or 6"10 and wear a suit everyday,  I can help you build a wardrobe that accurately reflects the person you want show the world. 


Vintage Sourcing 

Selling Your Pre-Loved Items

About 50% of my closet was purchased pre-owned. Shopping secondhand allowed me access to luxury long before I could dream of buying RTW.


All these years later, I'm still a firm believer in selling what I no longer use to fund what I want next. I love thrifting for my clients - I do the digging and you gain access to the world of luxury goods for a fraction of the cost.

Interested in sourcing a treasure you missed out on? Let me know what you're looking for and I will put it on my watch list. You never know when something will pop up.


Post-Mastectomy Patients

As a breast cancer survivor who had a bilateral mastectomy, I know what it is to try and get dressed with confidence after your body is stolen from you. I knew every trick in the book, but I still struggled.

If you have breast cancer or are a survivor, no matter your budget, please reach out to me. We will figure this out together.

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